Hire me

I'm currently open for new professional challenges. If you're looking for a solid software developer with experience in building and managing multiple teams, I believe I might be a good fit.

I'm based in Netherlands and I'm open both to working remotely and in the office in Amsterdam (at the moment I won't consider relocation). I'm open to travel up to 50% of the time.

Below you can find brief information about what are my skills, experience and what my preferred work place is like.

My experience

I've been working as a software developer since 2009. My experience includes 3 years as a lead developer and 1.5 year as a head of engineering, leading up to 16 people.

I spent the last 4 years in Singapore, where in 2015 I joined a travel/fintech startup as a 3rd employee. During these 4 years I performed both as a individual contributor and then as a manager and I held multiple responsibilities: designing platform architecture, hiring developers, leading meetings, collaborating with other teams in the company to help them become more efficient by designing new tools. I initiated and set up company's first overseas team.

Currently I'm a Lead Developer at NGTI, a software company owned by Swisscom. My responsibilities include leading projects, hiring web developers, as well as exploring new technologies and introduce them in the company.

My skills

I know how to build and manage teams: I prepared and conducted interviews with candidates, negotiated offers, conducted regular 1-1s with employees, helped developers improve their skills.

I know how to write good code: I review code, refactor code and write tests on daily basis. I use primarily Ruby, Elixir and TypeScript, but I have experience in multiple other languages and I believe I can learn new technologies in a short amount of time.

I know how to build solid back-end and front-end applications: I've worked with libraries like Ruby on Rails, Symfony or Phoenix as well as front-end frameworks like Vue.js and Angular. Often I had to lead big application upgrades or work on performance optimizations.

I know how to share my knowledge. Over the last few years I've been responsible for organizing internal trainings for developers. I volunteer as a coach to help people start their careers as developers. I share my knowledge at various meet-ups and conferences (you can see some of my presentations on talks page).

I keep developing my skills. I've started working in the industry while I was still studying at university. Since then I've learned multiple languages and technologies, I've grown from a developer to team leader and finally a head of engineering.

What I'm looking for

There are a few things I primarily look for in a company:

  • product - I enjoy working on products that are challenging in technical terms but also that tackle challenging problems, like sustainable development, access to education, health care etc. I'm also personally interested in investments and financial services and I'm keen to work in fin-tech.
  • team - I know and appreciate the value of diversity in the teams. I enjoy working in inclusive environment which emphasizes sharing knowledge and supporting each other.
  • company - I do not care about the size of the company as long as it avoids bureaucracy and focuses on doing the actual work. I strongly prefer companies that care about their employees, clients, and the local community. The company's mission and principles are very important to me.

What I won't do

I believe certain industries have in general negative impact on humanity. That includes any industry which relies on spreading anti-scientific information as well as military, ad-tech, gambling, and any industry that takes advantage of violating privacy of its users. I avoid working in such industries.

I believe that if  a company needs its employees to constantly work 60 hours a week in order to survive, such company is not worth surviving. I care about my physical and mental health and I limit working overtime to critical situations.

Contact me

Are you interested? That's great, I hope we can work together! Drop me an email at hello@gwitek.com or contact me via LinkedIn. I'll reply to your message within 2 business days. You can also check my resume.