This is a non-ehxuaustive list of projects I’ve been involved in besides my full-time job.

Not Only Code

Not Only Code - my latest project (2020) - is a combination of blog and YouTube channel where I publish videos and articles in which I try to help others to become better software developers. My main audience are people who are professional programmers in the beginning of their professional careers. In my work I focus on various aspects of working as software developer - communication, mentoring, carrer choices, as well as programming. As the name says - Not Only Code.

Undisclosed company (coming in late 2020)

In my spare time I’m co-founding a company specializing in home decorations made of wood and resin. We’re currently completing prototypes of a first few products we’re going to offer, and preparing to launch an on-line store.

Simple Operation

Simple Operation is a Ruby gem that provides a small abstraction layer to create service objects. At that time I wasn’t happy with existing libraries that provided a consistent way to orchestrate business layer, I found most of them too complicated. The library remained more or less unchanged since 2015, with exception of success/failure callbacks added in 2018.

Simple Configuration

Simple Configuration is another small Ruby library that addresses problems with multi-tenant applications where static configuration files are not enough. Simple Configuration offers a combination of syntax that looks like a configuration tool with full dynamism of Ruby.


Sorcery is an authentication library designed to work with Ruby on Rails. I joined the project in 2014 and kept maintaining library until mid-2016. Sorcery is still actively maintained.