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I’ve spent 3+ years working as an engineering manager on top of 8 years as a software developer. I specialize in building successful, diverse, productive teams. I write code, I speak at conferences, I mentor and coach developers. I’ve worked in multiple industries including travel, fintech and cybersecurity. My goal is to help developers grow in their careers and to help companies become the best places to work.


2020 - currently: Engineering Manager at EclecticIQ (Netherlands)

  • Lead a team of 10+ people: developers, testers, technical writers
  • Lead a backend community of practice
  • Responsible for hiring across multiple roles
  • Support team by doing code reviews and occasionally writing code

2019 — 2020: Manager of Software Development at Diligent (Netherlands)

  • Led 2 teams working on CGLytics product (10 people in total)
  • Overhauled team processes which reduced weekly time spent on meetings by more than 3 hours
  • Initiated major changes in the platform: upgrading software, improving scalability, introducing better tools
  • Porformed as a “scrum master”, responsible for maintaining backlog, organizing daily and weekly updates, etc.
  • Updated and formalized interview process for development teams

2019: Lead Full-Stack Developer at NGTI/Swisscom (Netherlands)

  • Led 2 projects in parallel: hybrid mobile application built in Angular, and internal big data panel created with Vue.js
  • Led hiring efforts in web development team
  • Participated in multiple stages of project development: designing applications architecture, supporting developers on daily basis, implementing features, maintaining code quality

2017 — 2018: Head of Engineering at Ascenda (Singapore)

  • Managed 3 teams of engineers with up to 16 direct reports
  • Initiated and set up the first overseas team of Engineering (in Manila, Philippines) and growing development team from 8 to 20 people
  • Overhauled team structure and processes as the company kept growing and maturing
  • Mentored developers on all stages in their careers, from interns to team leaders
  • Participated in team-wide and company-wide performance review
  • Initiated and led efforts in moving company to a remote-first culture
  • Continued to be a hands-on engineer, with working time split between programming and management activities

2015 — 2017: Lead Software Engineer at Ascenda (Singapore)

  • Helped the company to grow from 2 to 8 engineers (and to around 20 by the end of 2018)
  • Designed and led building 2 main company products: a web-based white label travel booking platform and API-based loyalty currency exchange
  • Led effort in implementing major functionalities, including a hotel search engine written in Elixir
  • Collaborated with other departments in removing bottleneck through design of internal tools
  • Led multiple team meetings, including sprint planning and retrospective
  • Introduced and organised internal workshops

2014 — 2015: Freelancing

  • Built multiple client projects using Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js and AngularJS
  • Worked remotely yet responsively for customer across multiple timezones

2012 — 2013: Software Developer at Fyber (Germany)

  • Optimised ad serving engine to handle up to 300,000 requests/minute
  • Led building advertiser self-service panel
  • Worked closely with product managers to support data-driven decisions

2012: Back-End Developer at Flywire (Spain)

  • Built an international money transfer platform that helps to reduce bank fees
  • Worked on service oriented architecture, supported by libraries like AMQP and by a custom single sign-on solution

2009 — 2011: Software Developer at Netguru (Poland)

  • Worked on multiple client projects, including on-line games, e-commerce site as well as HR tools
  • Led workshops for students and helped in growing company by organising student internships


  • Poznan University of Technology - BSc in Computer Science, 2007 — 2011
  • Poznan University of Technology - MSc in Computer Science, 2011 — 2012

Technical skills

  • Back-end development with Ruby, Elixir, Scala, Python, Node.js, PHP
  • Front-end development with TypeScript, Angular, Vue.js, React.js
  • Proficiency with both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with multiple AWS services
  • Experience with heavy-traffic, scalable applications, service oriented architecture
  • Basic familiarity with machine learning, Kubernetes, Hashicorp tools


  • I occasionally contribute to open source projects. I used to maintain Sorcery, a popular authentication library.
  • I spoke at several technical conferences, including EuRuKo (European Ruby Conference), WebExpo Prague, RedDotRuby in Singapore, RubyConf Taiwan as well as Codemotion Berlin.
  • I used to co-organise local meetups for Ruby Developers in Poland and Singapore, as well as meetups for Elixir and Erlang developers in Singapore.
  • I volunteered as a programming coach in Singapore, Poland and Spain.
  • I speak Polish (native), English (very fluent) and Spanish (conversational). Currently I study Dutch.